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The Group has no financial income other than from its members, so we are extremely grateful to the industry suppliers who regularly offer us support; either through our 'Gold' and 'Silver' sponsorship scheme, or 'in kind' support such as workshops, training and consultancy. If your company would like to support the Group (and appear on this page), please get in touch with the Group Administrator for further details.

We recognise that 2020-21 has been a difficult period for the theatre and entertainment industry. We have not sought any financial support in the current situation, although we are very grateful to those industry contacts who have been able to help us in kind. We hope to catch up soon with our other regular sponsors and industry friends.

Below are those companies who have supported the Group recently.

Please mention STSG when contacting these companies, but note that we do not necessarily offer any recommendation or endorsement for those featured here.


Sponsor since 2008.

White Light

Sponsor since 2010.

Stage Electrics

Sponsor since 2012.


Sponsor since 2012.

RB Health & Safety

Sponsor since 2017.


Sponsor since 2019.

Creative Spark

Sponsor 2022.

Illuminate Design

Sponsor since 2014.


Sponsor 2017-2020.


Sponsor 2019-2020.


Sponsor 2020.